*SIGNED* Rebel ACA, Rodney P, Spragga Benz & DJ Phantasy 'Mygraine' - Buttercut Records

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DJ Phantasy hooked this one up for us. Pressed on beautiful white vinyl, this 6 tracker comes with a sleeve signed by Phantos, Rodney P and Rebel AKA. There is also a photo that comes with the record signed by Spragga Benz. There were only 50 of these signed copies made available and we have 35 of those in our store. If you love your weed, then you will love this release!!!


The legendary dancehall giant, Spragga Benz and God Father of UK hip hop, Rodney P, join alternative hip hop Artist Rebel ACA on a musical explosion in his latest single ‘Migraine’. Both Spragga Benz and Rodney P are renowned artists, bringing Jamaica and the UK together in this one-of-a-kind collaboration.

Rebel ACA channels the severe pain of having daily migraines into two versions of the single; the original is an ‘Old Cool FU NK’ hip hop version and the other is a drum and bass mix by DJ Phantasy, featuring a funky, constant drone throughout the track.

It’s hard not get pulled into the pulsating energy of this song, with the twists and turns representing the pounding pain, vertigo and tinnitus associated with migraines.
‘I know of so many people, including myself, who suffer from debilitating migraines’, said Rebel ACA. ‘It felt good to put the pain into music, a sort of release of suffering through the lyrics. It feels good to use this amazing genre of music to communicate about ordinary day to day things, like suffering from a bad headache. It feels good to shift from the classic dialogue of sex and violence, so often present in hip hop lyrics.’

Spragga Benz and Rodney P come together with Rebel ACA to capture the essence of a migraine and the probable positive effect of Cannabis; yet to be embraced fully by the medical world but helping so many with their intense suffering.

‘We talk about smoking weed to fight the migraine’ says Rebel ACA. "The lyrics revolve around what it feels like to have one in your head. Doctors have told me that migraines are caused by triggers like alcohol and getting f*cked up. Then you get a migraine and now you get more f*cked up on pills or weed to feel better." This revolving cycle spirals throughout the single.

Spragga Benz and Rodney P also take a twisting of the meaning of MYGRAINE to ‘My grain of weed’.

Rebel ACA's music is versatile but uniquely his own by utilizing numerous live instruments and coming in hard with a big boom-bap sound. The Rebel ACA sound is born by adding a funk influence on his tracks aligned with funky bass. On ‘Migraine’, he uses some vintage 70s French influence vibes to give the single a flavour of its own.

Rebel ACA records under Buttercuts Records, a company he owns and operates. The London-based production company has been "bashing out buttery beats" since 2000. Buttercuts Records is the go-to place for releasing hip hop, reggae, breaks, funk, soul, and folk records with a tongue-in-cheek attitude and marketing that surpasses witty wordplay.

As ‘Migraine’ gains international attention, one can appreciate how Rebel ACA combines old and new hip hop with effortless flows and brilliant lyrics. Maybe the world is ready for an international tax advisor who drops bars and vibes out to some wicked rhymes. 

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