Tone Def – Can You Feel It / On The Attack


Tone Def – ‘Can You Feel It / On The Attack’ – Recorded in 1992 but never released – Recently located on DAT – Vinyl Fanatiks 007.

Back in 1992 I moved to Bournemouth to go to Art College. I knew a few people, one of those being John Issacs AKA DJ Junk. I use to go over his house in the evenings and listen to music and hang out with the rest of the Second To None Breakers, most I had known since 1987/1988. One evening John took me over to a house in Bournemouth where there was a studio. I always remembered that evening but had no idea who the guy I had met was, it was just one of those random nights and I was always meeting new people. I knew this person was a rated producer signed to a big label. It wasn’t until I was signed to Moving Shadow myself and was chatting to Rob Playford around 1996 that he told me about a chap called Rog from a group called Tone Def, based in Bournemouth, who he use to work with on tunes back in the early years of the label. Thats when it clicked who that guy I met all those years earlier actually was! Rog Mogale from the group Tone Def, who made one of my all time anthems from my teens when I was out raving every weekend as a pony-tailed punter. That tune is ‘Big Love’ and it still makes the hairs on my arms stand on end (which it is as I write this, listening to it as I type!) Takes me right back to 1992 standing in a field, swaying, throwing shapes whilst my mud covered feet are going ten to the dozen!!!

Rog’s studio back in 1992 with the gear that was used for this 12″ and the releases back in the day on Moving Shadow – Kings Park, Bournemouth.

It was only earlier this year that I managed to track down Rog again and after a bit of a chat (he remembers me going round his house, even though at the time I was just some random tagging along with John!) Rog mentioned that he thought that he had some old DAT tapes and 1/4″ reel to reel tapes with some music on that they wrote while on Moving Shadow but they never submitted to the label and subsequently it had been filed away, never to be heard of again. He didnt know where they were or even what the tracks on those tapes were like, but there was a small glimmer of hope that something could come to fruition! The lost Shadow Tapes!

Rog in Gran Canaria with the recently discovered DAT tapes – Yes, I know… what a flipping amazing studio! Lucky lad!

A few long weeks went by and the occasional email from Bournemouth over to Gran Canaria (Rog’s present location) and back again before I got the email that I was hoping for. The DAT tapes had been found and Rog had gone through them and about 8 unreleased tracks were discovered! Not only that but Rog had remembered about some other tunes they had done which he had files for and would soon be collecting the Akai disks on his next trip back to Bournemouth! So, this is just the start of a few releases by Tone Def on Vinyl Fanatiks. The Bournemouth Moving Shadow family dropping megabombs!

Since their last release together as Tone Def on Moving Shadow back in 1992 Rog went on to set up the hugely successful audio company Void Acoustics, who supply the best speakers on the market to clubs, festivals and live venues. He now lives in Gran Canaria and is still producing in his rather incredible studio and enjoying the benefits of running a successful business. But he also still does the occasional gig as Tone Def alongside Paul Smith (weirdly enough whose brother I use to work with when I was a Countryside Ranger in Dorset!) though the location of the third member, Tony Davies, is presently not known, though the guys have tried to track him down over the years and would love to hear from him .

Rog and Paul playing in Bournemouth, 2018. ACCIIIEDDDD!!!

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