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Ellis Dee ‘Big Up Your Chest (Remix)/Junglist Warrior’


Ellis Dee Well, this is the fifth release I have so far done with Mr. Majestic aka the don papa Ellis Dee. And I know this won’t be the last either! This guy has been at the forefront of the rave scene since its inception and is still out there (covid aside) plying his skills […]

The Dubster ‘Lighter Shades Of Dark’

the dubster signed black label

The Dubster Myself and L-Double have known each other since the 90’s but neither of us could remember exactly how we got to be friends. That was until we sat down and had this chat and the memories started to flood back. It was around 1997 when Lee had his radio show ‘The Flex Connextion’ […]

Serotonin ‘Dramatical Style/Rumblism’


Serotonin It’s been a year since I was last chatting to Bernie and Terry AKA Serotonin AKA the world famous Krome & Time. The last interview covered their debut release on their infamous Tearin Vinyl label whereas for this interview we are taking a step back, well, quite a few steps back being how quickly […]

Law & Auder ‘Gimme (The Weed)’ EP


Law & Auder One of my longest quests in regards to organising a repress was tracking down Utomica. I had received many messages about trying to sort out that release by fans of the record who would direct message me. I was determined to make it happen and played the waiting game. But as the […]

X-Plode ‘Reignited’ EP


The second release on Amen Brother sees the return of another old school legend that only released one EP and vanished for the next 28 years! Lee X-Plode put out a self-funded EP in 1992 on a white label that became highly sort after in the vinyl collecting world, with copies changing hands for up […]

DJH ‘Unfinished Biznizz’ EP


DJH was 15 when he wrote his first EP back in 1993. That EP became a near mythic release within the hardcore vinyl collecting circles with a price tag of over £700 on Discogs! Vinyl Fanatiks tracked down Danny and organised its re-release back in 2019, with the release selling out rapidly. Now DJH is […]

Rhythm Section ‘Rhythm Takes Control (Refix)/In Perfect Love (Original Mix)’


“Things were very smoky back then” Rennie Pilgrem tells me as we get stuck into our chat. “We would down tools if we were likely to run low. Everything would stop until we managed to get some more weed. We didn’t work without it! The more we all smoked, the louder the bass would get. ‘Check Out […]

Utomica – Rok A Bye / Rok A Bye (Hopa Remix)


Utomica ‘Rok A Bye’ – its one of those holy grails that people were always asking me for. “It would be great if you could make this one happen” the emails and messages would say, and these messages were regular, not just from one super keen person, but from many people. It became a quest […]

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