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Steve C & Monita ‘The Razors Edge/Full Cry’

Monita “I started to DJ in 1989, after I got myself my first set of decks. I had always been into music, whether that was disco, electro, hip hop or gangsta rap. And as soon as hardcore and Belgium techno hit the estate, I was drawn to that instantly. It resonated with me. I had […]

Ova Doce ‘Rediscovered #02’ EP


Ova Doce “The whole vibe was dark, the DJs were just trying to out-do each other with darker and darker tunes and it just didn’t seem like people were really enjoying themselves. So I stopped going to raves after that night” – That was pretty much where we left Nathan Ova Doce during our last […]

Justice ‘Perfect Chaos/Beyond Silence’


Justice It’s been over a year now since myself and Tony Bowes chatted about those days gone by. We were both part of that deeper sound of drum and bass that swept across the globe in the mid-nineties, both of us signed to Moving Shadow, both of us creating sonic soundscapes of depth and emotion. […]

Ellis Dee ‘Big Up Your Chest (Remix)/Junglist Warrior’


Ellis Dee Well, this is the fifth release I have so far done with Mr. Majestic aka the don papa Ellis Dee. And I know this won’t be the last either! This guy has been at the forefront of the rave scene since its inception and is still out there (covid aside) plying his skills […]

The Dubster ‘Lighter Shades Of Dark’

the dubster signed black label

The Dubster Myself and L-Double have known each other since the 90’s but neither of us could remember exactly how we got to be friends. That was until we sat down and had this chat and the memories started to flood back. It was around 1997 when Lee had his radio show ‘The Flex Connextion’ […]

Serotonin ‘Dramatical Style/Rumblism’


Serotonin It’s been a year since I was last chatting to Bernie and Terry AKA Serotonin AKA the world famous Krome & Time. The last interview covered their debut release on their infamous Tearin Vinyl label whereas for this interview we are taking a step back, well, quite a few steps back being how quickly […]