Silver Fox – Dread By Dawn EP


Silver Fox ‘Dread By Dawn’ EP – Originally released on Three Scar Records, 1993 

Sat Juttla AKA Silver Fox was no stranger to the rave scene. A budding entrepreneur, he had hit upon the lucrative T-Shirt market at a young age and was attending events by the time he was 21, selling merchandise to ravers. Living in Wolverhampton, he managed to secure, alongside his two mates Patrick & Ozzie, a table at the local raves of the time; Friday nights would be Club Kinetic at The Leisure Bowl in Stoke On Trent and Saturdays it was Quest in Wolverhampton. On top of that they would occasionally attend Atomic Jam at the Que Club in Birmingham with their Raver Shirts. Sat recalls how Kinetic really kicked off when Shelleys was shut down by the police, with up to 2500 people there for the Christmas events! The three of them would man the stall in shifts throughout the night (and anyone who was raving back then would know that would actually mean ALL night) selling Acid House related T-Shirts as well as beenies and whistles. This would happen every weekend from 1991 all the way into 1993! If anyone had an incite into the club scene of the West Midlands at that time, it would be Sat, Patrick and Ozzie! 

Club Kinetic T-shirt

One of the original Club Kinetic T-Shirts that Sat made back in 1991!

Another of Sat’s original Club Kinetic T-Shirts from 1991

The Silver Fox learnt his T-Shirt trade from having a Saturday job working for a local company. He enjoyed it so much that on leaving school he got an apprenticeship at the T-Shirt Factory in Wolverhampton where another famous local jungle artist also worked… Goldie. They worked together for a couple of years, creating designs and learning the trade as well as sharing a house for a few months during that time. Around 1991/1992 Sat was throwing raves and he recalls booking Goldie and Kemistry & Storm in 1992 under the collective name Mach 3 for a gig called Mind Blown at Wolverhampton Town Hall. At this time Goldie wasnt DJing and for that rave he was actually the MC for their set. It was at this party that Goldie’s first ever tune was debuted, Ruffige! Sat still has this party on VHS tape somewhere in his archives! Quite some accolade and surely a piece of jungle history right there!

Mind Blown 1992. Goldie debuted his first ever tune at this event (Ruffige). Mach III

By this point, Patrick & Ozzie had already started producing after getting themselves a studio together. The pair of them were the first artists, under the artist name Outa Intelligence, to release on Back 2 Basics, a label run by their mate Jason Ball. By this point, 1993, Sat was really starting to gravitate towards the darker jungle sounds that he was hearing in the club and that his pals like Patrick, Ozzie & Goldie were creating. He felt an affinity to this sound through his years of Black Metal intake. It wasnt long before he was asking Patrick and Ozzie to help him set up a basic studio for himself so he could experiment with this emerging sound. Consisting of a very simple set up with an Amiga 500 running either Octamed 4 or another sequencer called Music X (Sat can’t recall which one it was, it may have been both over time!). Being that the music was heavily sampled based there wasn’t a need for a lot of outboard, basically just an old knackered 12 channel mixing desk and an Akai 950 workhorse.

“I use to listen to Rock Music, mostly Black Metal, during the late 80s and early 90’s, and coming from that background I was brought up with the need to purchase everything to do with my favourite bands whether that was CD’s, live versions, picture discs or T-Shirts” Sat tells me. “I wanted to know more about each artist, its what made music so great back then. You just soaked up the information. Today, music is so disposable. Its not the same”. Sat’s passion for Rock Music and his Indian heritage also gave the ‘Dread By Dawn’ EP its own distinctive sound, with Iron Maiden being sampled on the lead track ‘Dreaded Beast’ and various Bollywood soundtracks being lifted. I mention to Sat that I feel his EP is really unique and unlike anything else that came out at that time. He jokingly replies to me “There weren’t many of us Asian kids into black metal making jungle back then!!!” 

Silver Fox

The Silver Fox in his Wolverhampton den during the time ‘Dread By Dawn’ was being recorded in 1992. You can see the mixing desk, the Amiga and a glimpse of the 950.

Moving forward to the present day and myself and Sat were friends on Facebook but I had no idea he was Silver Fox and he didn’t know I was running a reissue label. I was aware of the EP and I think I was listening to something on Youtube when it rolled over a few times and ‘Dreaded Beast’ started to play. Being one for destiny, I contacted Sat straight away and we quickly discussed the idea and agreed to proceed. Sat had no idea if the DAT’s still existed as he never owned a DAT player himself and use to borrow a portable from Patrick. Luckily Patrick was still a mate and he searched his garage and attic, coming across a box of DATs. The first DAT he pulled out was the masters to this EP. Destiny strikes again! Also on top of that, he discovered a box of unplayed original copies of the EP as well. These will be part of a limited set of Silver Fox boxsets available in the future. But until then, keep it darkside!