Mad Dog – The Mad Dog EP

25 Years ago in Charminster, Bournemouth 2 young guys started a musical friendship, bonded by their love of rave, jungle and electronica. Dave Wallace and Shaun O’Hara created the hardcore group Mad Dog, released on the seminal Hardcore Jungle Tecno label Underdog Recordings, run by Olly Underdog. The same year, 1993, I made friends with all three of these chaps as Mr. Wallace was engineering my project at that time. A year later, I ended up moving into The House Of Rave – 116 Avon Road, Charminster living alongside Dave Wallace, Olly Underdog, Tino and Cheggers Chegwin. A year after that myself, Dave and Kieron Bailey created Aquasky and were signed to Moving Shadow – but that’s a different story altogether! Over the past 25 years, due to the original records being limited, records lost over the years due to heavy rotation and of course the music being so good, the Mad Dog records have started to command high prices. This is when I was contacted by members of the Facebook page ‘Long Live Beautifully Crafted Jungle’ (big ups Michael Watson for helping us so much to make this happen) asking if I knew anything about this release and the whereabouts of Mad Dog. Of course I did… I speak with Dave every week! Dave started to work his way through the boxes of DATs we as Aquasky had accumulated over the years and he finally sourced the original DAT tapes for the all of the Mad Dog releases, including a bunch of unreleased tracks from that time as well. A poll was created and members of the LLBCJ FB page voted on what we should repress. I thought it better to ask the fans rather than try and second guess ourselves. The first EP ‘Monged Out’ came top and will be the first of hopefully a few represses from this classic era. On top of sourcing the original masters we also located the photographer of the Mad Dog photo shoot (Martin Rix) who use to be on the same photography course as me in 1992. I hadn’t spoken to him for 25 years but I tracked him down and he located the original pictures for us to use as part of the Kickstarter bundles. Dave tracked down Olly Underdog who found all the original invoices from Simon at The Exchange which contains the units pressed and the dates it was pressed as well as other interesting memorabilia that is linked to this release. On top of that he also had the original handstamp that was used all those years ago for the ‘Monged Out’ EP and we will be hand stamping each of the 300 records we hope to be able to repress as part of this Kickstarter project. Olly also provided us with the original Mad Dog logo (inspired by Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure!!!) as well as the second Underdog dog logo, which we will be using for the tshirts/sweatshirts and hoodies. This is going to be a collectors repress that will surpass all others. We as Aquasky are proud to have worked with Dave so long and its an honour to be able to do this for him, which is why we want to make this repress the best possible repress we could manage. Its taken us 4 months to find everything and get to this point… we just now need your help to assist us raise the capital to make this happen. Brent Newitt – Aquasky – August 2018