Mad Dog – Monged Out / Hypnotise (7” Edits)

7” Edits

Mad Dog ‘Monged Out / Hypnotise’ (7” Edits) – Vinyl Fanatiks 45 001 – April 2019

By late 1993, heading into 1994, Dave ‘Mad Dog’ Wallace was working a balancing act in the studio. The House Of Rave, 116 Avon Road, Bournemouth, was the location of a studio, a record label and occasional pirate radio and Olly Underdog, Shaun and Dave often went for long weekends in London, partying at the Dalston nightclub Labyrinth. But Olly had discovered the early formations of Happy Hardcore and was supplying Dave with music to inspire him to create something similar. There was already a heavy 4/4 bass drum in the Mad Dog releases and the samples were kind of similar, so it was an easy transition for Dave, the studio maestro, to perform. Some days he would be cranking out the jungle, on others it would be the pounding beat of Happy Hardcore.

So during this period, Dave was forging his own sound and on his days off would create some tracks by himself and the tune that is contained on the B-Side of this 7” is one of these, a tune that combines an element of both of the styles he was making at this time. The heavy jungle riddims of his sessions with Shaun coupled with a more upbeat vibe.

For all you tech headz out there, Dave has supplied a rundown of some of the kits that he linked up to make ‘Hypnotise’. The arpeggiated sound was created from a Roland SH101, a classic synth that still exists now in the Aquasky studio. The bassline was made from a Yamaha CS5. Now this was an awesome keyboard and one that appeared frequently through Aquasky’s music during the 1990’s. It had this awesome filter on it that you could patch a sample into and manually sweep and alter the depth and frequencies of the filters. The track ‘Concrete Boom’ that Aquasky wrote for Reinforced in 1996 showcases that filter. The pads, and they are classic Mad Dog sounding pads, came from a Kawai K4. The stabs in the tune were half-inched from Dave’s hardcore sessions. Most of this kit also appeared in the Mad Dog and Fugitive tunes of this time.

And there was one other key element to creating this track and most of the tracks that came out of 116 Avon Road at the time… it was compulsory! Our local corner Off License, Bennett Wines, did a strain of cider called Special Red (yes, all you spotters out there will be familiar with the Special Red release on red vinyl!!!) and to get maximum jungle flex from this bottle, it had to go into the freezer and drunk as a slush puppy. Many a time the oven chips and bags of peas had to be thrown out because one of us got too pissed and forgot to take a bottle out and it exploded, sending shards of glass through all the food!

But that was our lives back then. The hub of the Bournemouth Jungle scene of that time came from that house and those who lived there or frequented it. There are many VHS cassettes full of footage of us fooling around with our long hair and baggy clothes! They were great times… which translated into the music made and ‘Hypnotise’ is one of those tracks that brings the positivity of early 1994 into 2019… Matured for 25 years in a DAT box, dusted off, restored and now brought to the world for the very first time as a 7” edit for the collectors and lovers of the jungle flex!

We hope you enjoy!

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