Mad Dog 2 – Secret Garden / Relapse


The second ever release by Mad Dog and the third release for Vinyl Fanatiks. Originally released in 1993 on Bournemouth based Underdog Recordings, this record brings Dave ‘The Rave Doctor’ Wallace and Shaun ‘Aurora’ O’Hara back together again. Recorded at 116 Avon Road, Bournemouth AKA The House Of Rave (I remember many mornings being woken up at 7am by Dave and DJ Brisk cranking out the heavy stuff underneath my bedroom!!!)

Underdog Crew in Dave’s Bedroom 1994 (underneath my bedroom!)

This record is the last of the Jungle Techno tunes they made together. They dropped the 4/4 bass drum for their next release together (Fugitive – forthcoming on Vinyl Fanatiks in 2019). As Shaun reminisces – “I don’t have much memory of this recording session but I do remember being heavily influenced by the breakbeat patterns and use of reverb that was coming out of the’dark’ scene that was being led by people like DJ Trace”.

Olly Underdog recalls – “All the early Underdog tunes got hammered on the pirates and made it onto tape packs of the day which is pretty impressive, we never posted any promos out because we didn’t know any of the DJ’s, so they must have bought them, although I think Mo’s Music Machine, who distributed the first 2 Underdog releases, did allow for 10 records to be paid for for promo use”.

Dave adds – “Secret Garden has the addition of some 50hz mains hum at the start due to dodgy wiring in the bedroom studio back then!”

Much Love – Brent – Vinyl Fanatiks 2019