Fugitive – Fugitive / Subliminal


Fugitive – ‘Fugitive/Subliminal’ – Originally released on Underdog Recordings in 1993 – Vinyl Fanatiks 009.

If any of you have backed any of the previous Mad Dog projects you will have read my previous stories about the house that I shared with Dave ‘Mad Dog/Fugitive/Aquasky’ Wallace and Olly ‘Underdog/Stormtrooper/Destiny’ down in Bournemouth and the history of the previous Mad Dog releases. If you haven’t checked them, I recommend that you do to get an insight to what was going on in Bournemouth’s jungle scene back in 1993.

Dave can’t recall whether this release was recorded after the first Mad Dog EP or after Mad Dog 2. But he remembers that they were writing a lot of music and needed to create an alias for his and Shaun’s musical adventures. Back in 1993 there were an influx of jungle tunes coming out named after cult films from the 90’s and at the time the new Harrison Ford film ‘The Fugitive’ was big in the cinemas. Shaun had already done a remix under the name ‘Richard Kimble’ (the 1,2,3 Remix) which was the lead characters name in the film so Shaun thought the name Fugitive would be fitting for this new project.

The press shot that will be signed as part of some rewards – Myself and Olly cant decide which one of us took this photo!

Fugitive releases were more vibesy and chilled than the Mad Dog releases, containing more melodies and the use of musical samples. Mad Dog were synonymous with drums edited to an inch of their life. I recall sitting in on some of those sessions and watching in awe at how Shaun cut up his beats and how useful the paintbrush feature that was part of the Cubase editing function back then was when creating manic drum patterns! To this day I don’t know anyone who could program drums like Shaun use to back then! Fugitive tunes were also one of the first breed of jungle tracks that used a shedload of reverb on the snares, if not one of the first. Dave hooked up the ART Multiverb to the snare track in Cubase and went in heavy on it, giving the beats a unique sound that sat well with the musical angle they were trying to create at this time, as well as trying to make the tunes sound different to their Mad Dog releases.

LTJ Bukem really took a shine to this release which Olly is still surprised about as he didn’t give out any promos for the record so can only assume Bukem bought it or was given a copy by Basement Records. The A-Side appearing on LTJ Bukems ‘One Nation’ mixtape as well as 2 editions of the Yaman mixtape series, all in 1993. So some great promo for the release which certainly helped its sales. Olly also recalls that he was advised to do the release as a white label, as UDR001 sold really well and was a white label, whereas UDR002 had a proper label and didn’t do as well. He also saved himself £120 in the process which he was more than happy about!

I remember the buzz around the house we shared when Dave and Olly found out that this release was dropped at midnight on New Years Eve by Bukem during his Dreamscape 8 set!!! The pinnacle placement! What an accolade to the work they were doing. And now, 25 years later, so many people mention that Fugitive tune thanks to that set Bukem played at Dreamscape! A few years later Bukem became a good mate of us as Aquasky and was in Bournemouth at least once a month throughout 94-96… but thats another story for another release!

LTJ Bukem at Dreamscape 8 – New Years Eve – Playing it at midnight!


Myself, Dave Fugitive and Olly Underdog. Still mates 26 years later! – Bournemouth, June 2019.

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