The label was established in 2018 as a means to release the back catalogue of renowned Jungle Techno label Underdog Recordings, which ran from 1993-1995. It quickly expanded from beyond the original goal and now reissues sought after, rare and classic records from the Jungle, Rave, Bleep House, Techno and Jungle Techno genres.

The Vinyl Fanatiks aim is to track down and work with the original artists from the early 1990’s, to reissue their music on vinyl only, and to support the record hunters and vinyl diggers from around the world with quality pressings and superb mastering; a way to show respect and share the story of those that created these incredible records.

The vision is not to focus on the obvious artists of that time but to dig a little deeper and find those that came and went but their legacy still holds true to this day. Some of these producers only released one record and vanished soon after but their music still resonates into the 21st century, accumulating new audiences across the globe, far beyond the catchment of the UK pirate radios and muddy fields of 25 years ago. What happened to these artists? Its Vinyl Fanatik’s mission to find out!

Each record captures a moment in time, a vibe that was true and innocent from a period when music was far more synonymous with rebellion and anarchy than today’s finely polished productions and conformist club pop. This music itself bred on the outskirts of society, fuelled by the passion of the rave, its lineage stemming from the Acid House era of 1988. Often produced on minimal equipment, with minimal skills and knowledge, its audio blueprint transcends to new generations, a rawness that no expensive audio plug in could ever create in this present day.

Vinyl Fanatiks wants to pay homage to these young producers who forged the foundations of the multi-million pound EDM scene we have now. Each of these artists has their own tale to tell, their own memories to share. Limited by their own geographical status within the UK, they somehow still all managed to connect and influence each other, years before the internet, mobile phones and social media that we have today. But the music knew no limits and had no boundaries, transcending generations to this day.

Bringing The Experience Back To Music