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Fozbee & Cooz – Free Your Mind EP

Fozbee & Cooz - Free Your Mind EP

Vinyl Fanatiks started as a one-off release idea. I wanted to re-release Dave Wallace’s Mad Dog EP as we were being contacted about it by fans of the release eager to get their hands on a copy. We have always been very good with our masters, having two different boxes in two different locations, one […]

Aphrodite & DJ Phantasy – Stick Together / Cocaine (Remixes)

Aphrodite & DJ Phantasy ‘Stick Together/Cocaine (Aphrodite & DJ Phantasy Remixes)’ – Recorded in 1993 but never released. 1993 was a busy year, so much was happening at such an alarming rate. Rave music was shifting and morphing, progressing on its creative journey, enveloping the country, inspiring producers the length and breadth of the United […]

Aphrodite – Raw Motion / Dub Motion

Aphrodite ‘Raw Motion/Dub Motion’ 12″ – Originally released on Aphrodite Recordings, 1993. Gavin King has always gravitated to music. At the age of 4 he started to play the violin and it wasn’t long before his parents realised he was gifted and was classed as a musical prodigy! He still retains his love of classical […]

Justice & Mercy – Concrete Jungle EP


Justice & Mercy ‘Concrete Jungle’ EP – Originally released on Rudebwoy Records, 1992. It was a wet Tuesday night in October when I called up my old mate from the Moving Shadow days, Tony Justice. There are some people, no matter how much time passes, you just pick things up from where you last left […]

DJ Junk – Do It – Do It / Mad Dog – Hypnotise


DJ Junk ‘Do It – Do it’ – Originally released on DJ Junk Recordings, December 1992. John Isaacs AKA DJ Junk is an old friend of mine. I have known him since 1988 as I was a graffiti writer, as was he. The first time I ever saw him was I was coming into Bournemouth […]

Ellis Dee, DJ Krome & Mr. Time – Free The Feeling / Drum Thunder


Ellis Dee, DJ Krome & Mr. Time ‘Free The Feeling/Drum Thunder’ 12″ – Originally released on New Dimension Records, 1993  “This project was more obscure than each others solo projects.We just worked with the samples that we had on they day. It wasnt planned” Ellis Dee tells me when I ask him about this record. At […]

Silver Fox – Dread By Dawn EP


Silver Fox ‘Dread By Dawn’ EP – Originally released on Three Scar Records, 1993  Sat Juttla AKA Silver Fox was no stranger to the rave scene. A budding entrepreneur, he had hit upon the lucrative T-Shirt market at a young age and was attending events by the time he was 21, selling merchandise to ravers. Living […]

DJ Vern & DJ Ash – Squeeze / Magnificent


DJ Vern & DJ Ash ‘Squeeze/Magnificent’ – 1995  The story starts at 2 pirate radio station based on the infamous Nightingale Estate, an estate built in 1968 with 6 22 storey tower blocks and a history of trouble and crime. They loomed over the skyline of Hackney, each holding their own level of notoriety; Seaton Point, Embley […]

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